Originally published in February 2016.

There are quite a few methods of alternative medicine offered these days which aren’t supported by modern science, and whenever we encounter an alternative treatment method there is always the fear of it being unproven or even worse – a hoax. I too had the same concern the first time I encountered medical astrology, but despite the apprehension I decided to test it on myself instead of simply dismissing it without giving it a chance. Moreover, after seeing it work on me personally I started testing it on other people and wanted to share some of the results as examples of it’s effectiveness.

Patient A: Elbow trauma and gradual loss of speech


Diagnosis: Venus, the ruler of the third hose which represents the hands, is in the eight house which represents chronic diseases and accidents together with Saturn, which also represents chronic problems. Mars, which symbolizes action and initiative, is conjunct the Sun which represents energy in a fire sign, and they both aspect the third house in a combination symbolizing traumas. In addition, the position of Mars which symbolizes the hands in such proximity to the Sun symbolizes over-stimulation or inflammation (too much fire).

Aside from the above, Mercury, which symbolizes speech, is located in an enemy sign and is conjunct the Sun and Mars, a combination indicating the “drying up” of speech. 

A medical test revealed dryness in the vocal cords, and the patient has suffered from chronic elbow pain for several years due to an injury.

Treatment and result: The patient received an appropriately sized high quality Carnelian. Several days later a significant improvement in the symptoms could be observed and within a couple of weeks the symptoms abated.

Patient B: Bowel obstruction as a result of genetic defect.


Diagnosis: Ketu, which symbolizes hereditary and genetic problems is in the first house close to the ascendant which represents the body. 

Mercury, which rules the 1st house, is in the first degree (a weak position) of the 6th house that represents diseases and obstacles, and is conjunct the Sun in an air sign symbolizing desiccation.

Saturn, the ruler of the 6th house which also symbolizes the upper part of the intestines, is in the 6th from itself and is aspecting the first house thus making tbe problem chronic as well as the 8th house which governs excretions thus symbolically limiting\obstructing them as well.

Mars, which governs bowel movements is also the lord of the 8th which symbolizes excretions, is located in the first degree of the 9th hence signalling its weakness. The patient was diagnosed with chronic bowel obstruction from birth and was unable to defecate without the use of laxatives.

Treatment and result: At first the patient received a combination of Emeralds and White Topaz, with no apparent change in the symptoms. Later these were replaced by an appropriately sized high quality Carnelian, and a month later the first results began to appear with the symptoms completely passing away a few weeks later.

Patient C: Type 2 diabetes

Diagnosis: Ketu, which symbolizes hereditary and genetic problems together with loss of control and sensitivity, is located in the 5th house which represents the stomach and liver together with Saturn, which symbolizes chronic diseases and Jupiter which symbolizes fat accumulation – one of the causes for type 2 diabetes. In addition, Jupiter and ketu aspect the 1st house which represents the body, while Saturn is aspecting the 2nd house which represents food and the mouth and contains Venus, which symbolizes sugar, and Mercury, the ruler of the 1st house. The patient was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in his 40’s.

Treatment and result: At first the patient received a combination of Emeralds and Blue sapphires which improved his general health but did not affect the diabetes. Later on, an appropriately sized Diamond was added with significant improvement in insulin sensitivity noted several weeks later.


In the examples above I have included cases in which at first the treatment didn’t produce the desired results, both to emphasize that sometimes adjustments and changes are needed it the prescribed gemstones to produce the desired effect and to admit that while the method itself works as intended I, like everyone else, am only human and can make mistakes. Once those mistakes were resolved however, and the appropriate gemstones were found, the desired results were achieved and the patients were able to recover.

Another thing I wanted to emphasize in these examples is the sheer variety of problems which can be treated using this method, and its effectiveness in cases where normally only constant medication would bring any sort of relief.

The cases mentioned here are only a small example of those I have encountered since I’ve started practicing Medical Astrology. I hope that they will aid the readers in alleviating any concerns they might have in regards to the effectiveness and reliability of Medical Astrology, and that they will prove that even when it seems that nothing can be done it might still be possible to help.

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