The gemstones presented in this catalog are all natural, untreated and of high quality. Each of these gemstones was meticulously selected out of hundreds of its kind to make sure it is suitable for use in Gem Therapy, and as such the catalog inventory is very limited and will NOT be frequently updated. If you seek a specific gemstone which is currently not listed in the catalog please feel free to contact us.

Current inventory:

[product_categories ids=”Peridot, 548227558, CQuartz, 548227543, Moonstone, 548227541, Carnelian, 548227539, RGarnet, 548227542, Citrine, 548227557″ columns=”3″] [product_categories ids=”MoP, 548227599, Amethyst, 548227560, SQuartz, 548227540 ” columns=”3″]