While many diseases are relatively rare, few people will live out their lives without experiencing various injuries and traumas ranging from cuts and bruises to car accidents and 3rd degree burns. And even though we are much safer from wild animals and the elements than our ancestors, our bodies remain as vulnerable as ever.

So how can we see various types of physical harm to the body through astrology? And how can we tell them apart?


The Common Denominator – Mars

Mars simultaneously represents both the body and the physical force that can cause it damage, hence it can be viewed as the common denominator. Mars can also show the location of the damage, which will usually occur in the first, 7th or 8th from his position, with each denoting a different type of damage.

Damage to the 1st from Mars is often self inflicted, especially if Mars rules the 6th or the 8th houses, or is a result of one’s own actions. Damage to the 7th from Mars is often environmental in nature, stemming from accidents, falls etc., or is the result of competition or combat with others. Damage to the 8th from Mars is usually internal or penetrating, such as from stabbings, shootings or surgical intervention.


Between a hammer and an anvil – Saturn

While damage to soft tissue is indicated by Mars, damage to our tendons, bones and teeth requires the involvement of Saturn. Saturn is the indicator of solidity and inflexibility, hence astrologically it represents the fact that anything which cannot bend will eventually break. The traumatic result however, is only seen when Mars is influencing Saturn and not vice versa. In addition, Saturn being heavy and restrictive can also indicate blunt force trauma and crush injuries.

Along with Saturn, another important indicator when it comes to teeth and bones is the Sun, which governs calcium deposition in our bodies through vitamin D. It also governs mineral absorption through our digestive system, making it crucial when analysing dental and ostial health.


Burning bright – Sun

Aside from indicating mineral absorption and deposition, the Sun can also unfortunately indicate burns when placed together with Mars, especially in a fiery sign. Another possible indicator for burns is the conjunction of the Sun with Ketu, but this can also indicate chemical burns and not just thermal ones. Either combination in fiery can also indicate fever, heat and sun strokes.


Surgeries, explosions and amputations – Ketu

While regular physical damage is indicated by Mars, when it comes to damage from blast waves, chemicals such as alkalis and acids, radiation and other unusual sources, one must analyse the position of Ketu. Being an eclipse point, Ketu also tends to indicate sudden, unexpected damage such as from an explosion, especially when conjunct Mars.

In addition to the above, Ketu just like Mars can indicate surgeries, especially when they involve removing tissue such as an appendix or a tumour. Being a body with the head cut off, Ketu can also indicate amputation of organs and limbs, especially when Saturn is involved as well.


Scars and marks – Venus

While the role of planets such as Mars and Saturn is well known when it comes to damage to the body, far less obvious is the involvement of Venus. Being the planet of beauty, it isn’t very surprising that it is Venus that dictates the visual impact of damage to the body. An influence of Mars or Ketu upon Venus for example, usually indicates a notable scar in the area represented by the house where Venus is located. An influence of Venus on Mars on the other hand, can instead indicate a deliberate body modification such as a piercing or tattoo, especially with an influence from Rahu.


Please note: the combinations discussed here cannot be used alone to predict the possibility of disease, nor should they. They are however extremely useful for confirming a diagnosis and receiving more information about the disease itself and its root cause.

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