At first glance, Insomnia, smoking and chronic fatigue syndrome have little in common. The first is an uncomfortable condition that plagued humanity since the dawn of time, the second is a form of addiction and the third is a little known disease that appeared only in the past century. Yet in terms of astrology, they all share certain similarities that teach us both about their nature and about their treatment

So how can we see insomnia, smoking or CFS through astrology? And how can we diagnose their origin?


Common Denominator

As we are dealing with three different conditions with each having a plethora of possible causes, it would be hard to pinpoint a single common denominator for all of them. In the case of insomnia, the common denominator in most cases is an afflicted 12th house or 12th lord, as the 12th symbolizes sleeping and dreams. In addition, the 12th lord is almost always one of the dynamic planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury or Mars. Alternatively, the position of any of these planets in the 12th regardless of rulership can also denote severe sleeping issues depending on the sign.

When it comes to smoking and chronic fatigue, in most cases the 12th house would be afflicted as well, as it also denotes addictions as well as the isolation which occurs as the result of CFS. Another common denominator when it comes to smoking is an affliction of the 3rd house, third lord or both, as the 3rd represents both the lungs and physical strength.


Low energy – a weak Sun

Along with being a general indicator for poor health, a weak or afflicted Sun often denotes lack of energy, weakness and fatigue as it simultaneously symbolises both the stomach and our heart. This is especially true if the Sun is under the influence of restraining and limiting Saturn, which is often involved in chronic issues. In addition, the only recorded fatality due to CFS exhibited inflammation of the spinal cord, which is also astrologically represented by the Sun.

A weak Sun can also denote addictions, as it represents both our willpower And our self respect, which are important factors in controlling our impulses and behavior. It can also indirectly lead to insomnia as well, as when our body is weak or otherwise restrained we are unable to physically exert ourselves which actually makes it very hard to fall asleep.


A restless mind – Moon

As the Moon represents sleep and dreams, along with melatonin, its position is critical when analysing insomnia. In most cases of insomnia, the moon will be conjunct or aspected or hemmed in by the Sun, Mars or Ketu, the three fiery planets. This position denotes an overactive mind and is in fact quite common, yet becomes a problem when the 12th house is afflicted as well.

A less common scenario involves the Moon being conjunct or aspected by Mercury or Rahu, which can cause quite a few different problems. However, this will most likely result in additional symptoms aside from simple insomnia and deserves a separate discussion.


“Rahu produces smoke and Ketu inhales smoke”

When it comes to smoking, the age old adage that “Ketu inhales smoke” couldn’t be more true, as Ketu is in fact the main astrological significator for any kind of smoking, whether tobacco, cannabis, opium or crack. The most common combination for smoking is the position of Ketu in either the second or the third houses, but it can also be an aspect or a conjunction with the 2nd and 3rd lords.

The position of Ketu in the 3rd is also a very common theme in patients exhibiting weakness and fatigue including CFS. While his role is not completely clear, many cases of CFS begin with pneumonia, which is astrologically speaking an inflamation in the 3rd house. Ketu can also denote poisoning, such as by strong antibiotics, or a parasitic infection, both of which are suspected causes of the disease.


Please note: the combinations discussed here cannot be used alone to predict the possibility of disease, nor should they. They are however extremely useful for confirming a diagnosis and receiving more information about the disease itself and its root cause.

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