Among the various properties assigned to the lunar mansions, the one that usually gets the most attention is probably their associated animal. The reason for this is not their significance in analyzing the personality, behavior or looks of their native, but rather their meaning when it comes to the natives approach to sex and their sexual compatibility with others.

This parameter sounds quite ironic given the fact that even today arranged marriages are very common in India, but surprisingly even in these arrangements this is one of the most important astrological considerations when choosing an appropriate match.

Of course the curiosity when it comes to sexual compatibility doesn’t end with arranged marriages. And if you thought that pick-up lines involving zodiac signs were awkward, imagine that same pick-up telling a potential partner exactly what to expect from you in bed!

Important note: If you’ve never heard about lunar mansions and want to find out what they are and their meaning, please click here. If you want to learn more about each individual mansion and where it’s located, please click on their names.

So what are the animals for each lunar mansion? And what do they say about your sex life?


Ashwini and Shatabhisha – The Horses

The horse mansion natives are known for being quite bold and even hasty, but it would help them alot if they develop a bit of patience, or variety.

Animals most compatible with horses: Horse, deer, sheep, cat, rat, cow.

Least compatible animals: Buffalo, lion, tiger, snake.


Bharani and Revati – The Elephants

When it comes to the elephant mansions the size certainly matters and their appetites and demands are equally hard to satiate, however they are not overly active and don’t expect too much tenderness or grace.

Most compatible animals: Buffalo, elephant and cat.

Least compatible animals: Lion and tiger.

 Elephant 5.jpg

Pushya and Krittika – The Sheep

Sheep mansions tend to play all innocent and submissive to get what they want. They can also be quite gentle and indulging but not overly active or bold.

Most compatible animals: Horse, buffalo, sheep, mongoose, cat, cow.

Least compatible animals: Monkey, lion, tiger, snake.

 Lamb 3.jpg

Rohini and Mrigashirsha – The Snakes

The snake mansion natives are quite cold and not exactly spontaneous or bold, but they are certainly flexible and quite hypnotizing. They are also pretty jealous and possessive, and don’t believe them if they tell you they don’t bite.

Most compatible animals: Snake.

Least compatible animals: Horse, sheep, monkey, mongoose, deer, dog, cat, rat, cow.


Mula and Ardra – the Dogs

The dog mansion natives are certainly loyal and even obedient, but there’s a good chance that you will have to tell them “down boy” quite often.

Most compatible animals: Dog.

Least compatible animals: Lion, mongoose, snake, deer, dog, cat, rat, tiger, cow.


Ashlesha and Punarvasu – The Cats

The cat mansion natives are quite graceful, seductive and flexible, but dont expect warmth, emotions or loyalty and they certainly know how to use their claws.

Most compatible animals: Horse, elephant, sheep and cat.

Least compatible animals: Snake, dog, rat.

 Cat 1.jpg

Magha and Purva Phalguni – The Rats

The rat mansions natives prefer the foreplay and the chase to the act itself and their tendency to find every hole together with their legendary fertility mean that contraceptives become life savers.

Most compatible animals: Horse, rat.

Least compatible animals: Lion, snake, dog, cat.


Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Bhadrapada – The Cows

Whoever should be lucky enough to find themselves with one of the cow natives is certainly in for a treat as they are not only the most indulging and attentive but also the most willing to adapt to any request. They do however tend to view sex as a commercial tool and these are the most common mansions encountered in the porn industry.

Most compatible animals: Buffalo, elephant, cat.

Least compatible animals: Lion, tiger.



Swati and Hasta – the Buffalos

Just as indulging as the cow natives and able to go on for hours, the buffalo natives have a lot going for them. Just don’t expect them to be too wild or adventurous, and they too tend to view sex as a business.

Most compatible animals: Buffalo, elephant, sheep, cow.

Least compatible animals: Horse, lion, tiger.


Vishakha and Chitra – The Tigers

The tiger mansions natives definetly know how to excite and the right moment to pounce on their prey, but are not known to be gentle or considerate to say the least.

Most compatible animals: Tiger.

Least compatible animals: Horse, buffalo, elephantsheep, monkey, deer, dog, cow.


Jyeshtha and Anuradha – The Deers

At first the deer natives are quite shy and tend to run away in the middle of the night, especially if it’s a one night stand, but they can also surprise with their skill and grace.

Most compatible animals: Horse, sheep, deer.

Least compatible animals: Lion, snake, tiger, dog.


Purva Ashada and Shravana – The Monkeys

The monkey mansions natives are excellent copycats that will learn quickly what their lovers like and will do the same. They also easily get bored and will always seek to try something (or someone) new.

Most compatible animals: Monkey.

Least compatible animals: Sheep, snake, tiger.

 Monkey 4.jpg

Purva Bhadrapada and Dhanishta – The Lions

The lion natives certainly love to attract attention in the bedroom but will prefer a quickie to tantra and will care more for themselves and their ego than for their partners.

Most compatible animals: Lion.

Least compatible animals: Horse, buffalo, elephant, sheep, deerdog, rat, cow.


Uttara Ashada – The Mongoose

The only mansion lacking a proper mate, the mongoose is not surprising and unique, and despite being similar to the cat it is less graceful yet more active.

Most compatible animals: Mongoose, sheep.

Least compatible animals: Snake, dog.

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