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  • Size: 12X9X5mm
  • Weight: 4ct
  • Quality: Very High. Suitable for Gem Therapy.
  • Clarity: Slightly included. Needle inclusions (typical of Rainbow Moonstones), Feather inclusions on edge (Visible in photo).


*The measurements of these gemstones are rounded to .5 mm and .1 ct for simplicity purposes. If you require more precise measurements please feel free to contact us.

*Gemstones can be sent to a GIA lab for analysis and certification upon request. For current pricing please refer to https://www.gia.edu/gem-lab-fee-schedule

*Returns are accepted within 2 months from the date of delivery. Please note – The gemstones must be returned in their original packaging.

Additional information

Weight 4 g
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 5 mm