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  • Size: 14X10X3.5mm
  • Weight: 4.3ct
  • Quality: Very High. Suitable for Gem Therapy.
  • Clarity: Slightly included. Very slight surface imperfections (less than typical for MoP).

Important notes:

The measurements of these gemstones are rounded to .5 mm and .1 ct for simplicity purposes. If you require more precise measurements please feel free to contact us.

Gemstones can be sent to a GIA lab for analysis and certification upon request. For current pricing please refer to https://www.gia.edu/gem-lab-fee-schedule

Returns are accepted within 2 months from the date of delivery. Please note – The gemstones must be returned in their original packaging.

Customers who order an Astrological Analysis or a Gemstone Compatibility Report receive a 20% discount on all gemstone purchases.

Additional information

Weight 4.3 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 3.5 mm