Purva Bhadrapada – The ‘Initial Step’ Mansion


  • Sidereal Location: 20:00° in Aquarius to 03:20° in Pisces.
  • Tropical Location: 14:00°-27:20° in Pisces.
  • Corresponding Fixed Stars: Markab and Scheat, aka α and β Pegasi.
  • Ruler: Jupiter, Aja Ekapada – The lightning god.
  • Nature: Sattvic
  • Motive: Artha (livelihood)
  • Activity: Passive
  • C\M\D: Creation
  • A\P\M: Mineral
  • Elements: Ether, vata
  • Qualities and Direction: Fierce, cruel, downwards
  • Sex, Species and Caste: Priest, human, lion, male
  • Special Power: The ability to advance a spiritual person in life.
  • Activation Ages: 17, 20, 23, 36, 38, 44, 60, 62, 64, 68, 86.
  • Main themes: Impulsiveness and impatience, swift and immediate action, duplicity and false identities, theatre and cinema, electricity and electronics, aggression and violence, spirituality and idealism.
  • Appropriate activities: Rituals and offerings, business and sales, assault and aggression, ambush and betrayal, murder and assassination, poisoning and pest control, arson and incineration, hypnosis and psychotherapy, black magick, animal training, military training, horror movies, digging ditches, trenches, foundations and wells, tunneling and mining, laying infrastructure.


The Purva (initial) Bhadrapada (good\lucky\blessed foot or step) lunar mansion gets its name from one of the Rudras (storm gods), Aja Ekapada (‘one footed goat’), who is often seen as a parable for lightning hitting the ground. This multifaceted mansion has three different symbols: The first is a sword that symbolizes both the determination and drive as well as the destructive nature of this mansion. The second is a man with two faces that symbolizes hypocrisy and duplicity on the one hand and a hidden, secret side on the other. The last one is the front part of a funeral pyre, literally embodying the adage “one foot in the grave”, and showing this mansions ability to walk between the worlds.

Famous people with Purva Bhadrapada prominent in their charts: Hillary Clinton, Catherine Zeta-Jones, George Soros, Steve Jobs, Hugh Hefner, Martin Luther King Jr. and Hiram Maxim (Moon), Ulysses S. Grant, Casanova and Queen Elizabeth II (Venus), John D. Rockefeller and Marilyn Monroe (Mars), Johannes Kepler and J. R. R. Tolkien (Jupiter), Isaac Newton (Jupiter and Saturn) and Mata Hari (Rahu).

Uttara Bhadrapada – The ‘Conclusive Step’ Mansion

Uttara Bhadrapada 2.jpg


  • Sidereal Location: 03:20°-16:40° in Pisces.
  • Tropical Location: 27:20° in Pisces to 10:40° in Aries.
  • Corresponding Fixed Stars: Great square of Pegasus, comprising of α, β, γ Pegasi and α Andromedae.
  • Ruler: Saturn, Ahirbudhnya – The lord of the deep.
  • Nature: Tamasic
  • Motive: Kama (Pleasure)
  • Activity: Balanced
  • C\M\D: Maintenance
  • A\P\M: Plant
  • Elements: Ether, pitta
  • Qualities and Direction: Fixed, upwards
  • Sex, Species and Caste: Warrior, human, cow, male
  • Special Power: The ability to bring the rains of plenty.
  • Activation Ages: 10, 17, 18, 23, 63, 67, 69, 74, 75.
  • Main themes: Discoveries and unveilings, natural resources, hidden treasures, greed, savings and funds, prostitution and pornography, separation from the material.
  • Appropriate activities: Business and sales, dating and sex, making and wearing jewelry, sowing and planting, music and art, engagements and marriage, beginning construction, building elevators,  towers and skyscrapers, constructing aircraft and balloons, placing poles, antennae and flags.


While its predecessor dealt with beginnings of journeys and in single actions with far reaching consequences, this mansion mainly deals with reaching the final destination and the results after the deeds. The deity of this mansion is Ahirbudhnya (treasurer\shepherd of the deep), the Hindu version of Tiamat, Apep, Leviathan, Typhon, Jormungandr, Quetzalcoatl and a plethora of other chaos serpent\dragon myths around the world. Ahirbudhnya is surprisingly similar to the western notion of dragons that lurk beneath the ground, usually in caves, and guard legendary and vast treasures. This is why a large theme of this mansion is letting go of the material both in the sense of wealth and in the sense of the body itself, neither of which stay with a person after death. This is also the meaning of Uttara Bhadrapada’s symbols, the twins and the back part of the funeral pyre, both of which represent the duality (and separation) of the material and the spiritual.

This mansion contains the Moon in the chart of Bill Gates, emphasizing its connection to treasures. It also contains Venus and Jupiter in the chart of J. Robert Oppenheimer and Mercury and Saturn in the chart of Albert Einstein, emphasizing its connection to discoveries like the theory of relativity and splitting the atom, and to hidden resources like Uranium. Other famous people with Uttara Bhadrapada prominent in their chart include Casanova (Sun), De Gaulle (Moon), Washington (Venus and Saturn), Queen Elizabeth II (Mercury), Queen Victoria (Saturn), George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston (Venus), Friedrich Nietzsche and Brad Pitt (Jupiter), and Thomas Aquinas (Rahu).

Mercury enters deep debilitation in 15° of Pisces in this lunar mansion, whose mysterious and dualistic symbolism stands in stark contrast to the swift, witty and logical Mercury.

Revati – The Plentiful Mansion



  • Sidereal Location: 16:40°-30:00° in Pisces.
  • Tropical Location: 10:40°-24:00° in Aries.
  • Corresponding Fixed Stars: Revati, aka ζ Piscium.
  • Ruler: Mercury, Pushan – The god of compassion.
  • Nature: Sattvic
  • Motive: Moksha (liberation)
  • Activity: Active
  • C\M\D: Destruction
  • A\P\M: Animal
  • Elements: Air, vata
  • Qualities and Direction: Soft, friendly, sideways
  • Sex, Species and Caste: Laborer, angel, elephant, female
  • Special Power: The ability to nourish like milk.
  • Activation Ages: 4, 5, 11, 31, 41, 59.
  • Main themes: Altruism and charity, help and support, donations and adoption, self-sacrifice, philosophy, spirituality and mysticism, raising animals, vegetarianism and veganism.
  • Appropriate activities: Learning and education, music and art, making and wearing new clothes, leisure and games, parties and guests, holidays and family gatherings, trips and vacations, going abroad, purchasing vehicles, constructing roads, bridges and railways.


The Revati (plentiful\prosperous) lunar mansion gets its name from its deity, Pushan, the celestial shepherd who generously nourishes his flock. Revati was also the name of the wife of Balram, the brother of Krishna. In the mythological story, Revati was a daughter of a king who thought that no man alive was suitable to be her husband, hence he went to the realm of the gods to ask Brahma to marry her to a god. While waiting in the realm of the gods for Brahma to receive them, 108 ages passed back on earth and everyone whom they knew was long since dead, so in consolation Brahma offered Balram, Krishna’s brother, as a suitable match. Both this story and the symbol of this mansion, a small fish swimming in the vast ocean, remind us of how tiny and impermanent we truly are. With such symbolism, it is not surprising that this mansion plays a role in the charts of many great thinkers from Descartes (Sun, Jupiter and Rahu) and Martin Luther (Moon) to Galileo (Moon) and Einstein (Venus).

The deity of this mansion, Pushan, is both the celestial shepherd and the god of compassion who has renounced violence and meat eating, and who is willing to nourish and protect even at his own expense. A good example of this altruism is seen in the case of Angelina Jolie who has adopted children from around the world, and in whose chart this mansion simultaneously contains the Moon, Mars and Jupiter. The symbolism of Pushan and of Revati in general is also very similar to the symbolism surrounding the story of Jesus, leading some to speculate that he could have been born under this mansion. Other famous people with Uttara Bhadrapada prominent in their chart include King Henry VIII (Moon), Martha Stuart (Mars), Yogananda (Jupiter), Queen Victoria (Mars and Rahu), John Lennon (Ketu), Carl Jung and Meryl Streep (Rahu).

Venus is exalted at 28° in Pisces in this lunar mansion, which perfectly represents unconditional love and true caring for others.

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