Venus is the second planet by distance from the sun, and the fourth in its speed of movement through the sky. Its physical effect on our lives is practically nullified by its distance from the earth but the fact that it is the brightest of the planets, together with the fact it is usually visible just before sunrise gave it the name morning star. All of these, together with its very peculiar movement pattern known as the pentagram of Venus, gave it great significance in the eyes of ancient cultures that often saw it as a god.

The brightness of Venus often made people associate it with beauty, love and fertility goddesses, turning it into one of the most admired of the celestial bodies, yet in certain cultures it became associated with overemphasis on the material world. In Christianity it even got connected to the devil in the form of Lucifer (light bringer), a fallen angel also known as the morning star, both names originally being names for Venus.

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The meaning of Venus is very similar in both western and vedic astrology, with both systems considering it as representing our senses, tastes and preferences, the women in our lives, and our relationships with others. In vedic astrology Venus also represents luxuries and pleasure, the five senses, vehicles, water and rain, negotiations and trade, and in our body the eyes, lips, kidneys, ovaries and testes, eggs and sperm, sexual and lubricating fluids and the female sex organ.

So why women, beauty, pleasure and the senses?

Due to its brightness which easily captures the gaze, Venus was often considered the most attractive of the planets which led to it being associated with other things people find attractive such as beauty and pleasure. This is also the reason Venus became associated with the fairer sex. The tendency of women in most societies to place great emphasis on their appearance, enhancing it with make-up and clothing, further strengthens the association with the brightest of the planets.

This association also extends to other things we consider attractive, beautiful and pleasant. A decorated cake for example would be attractive to the gourmand in the same way that a quality perfume will be appreciated by those who enjoy its smell. The favorite color will please a person’s gaze far more than the one they find bland, and different musical styles will be favored by different people depending on their styles.

Our various tastes dictate what we find enjoyable, hence the connection of Venus to pleasure and to the senses that allow us to experience the world and derive pleasure from our interaction with its sights, sounds, tastes, smells and feels. This is also why Venus represents luxuries, which are in essence just a more exclusive way to receive that sensory pleasure.

But what does luxury have to do with relationships? Sounds more like exploitation.

While many in the west heard about the Kama Sutra, few people are aware that Kama means not only sex but in fact any form of sensory pleasure including the aforementioned foods, music and perfumes. But for the vast majority of people, the peak of sensory pleasure can only be found when interacting with others they care about, whether it is an evening out with friends, quality time with the family or a night spent with the love of their lives.

But in order for those interactions to be enjoyable, we must find pleasure in interacting with the people involved. For example, the friends we spend time with must share at least some of our tastes and interests, otherwise it would be impossible to find activities and even conversation subjects both could enjoy. In the same manner, romantic partnerships cannot be enjoyable unless we find the partner attractive and vice versa. In fact, it is only when the pleasure is one-sided that a relationship becomes exploitative, and this often spells its demise.

This mutuality also extends to business relationships of all kinds, which are also based on mutual pleasure with one party receiving goods and services while the other receives money, hence the connection between Venus and trade. These relationships too survive only as long as both parties benefit, with clients receiving goods only as long as they pay and companies going bankrupt when the demand for what they sell dries up.

There are however certain types of relationships that are not represented by Venus, and these are all the relationships types that are unequal. One example would be a familial relationship, as children are not expected to provide pleasure or compensation in exchange for the care of their parents, and these relationships are astrologically symbolized by the Moon. Similarly, the relationship between subordinates and superiors whether in the workplace, the military or any other hierarchy is unequal and symbolized astrologically by the Sun. This is another issue that brings many Venusian relationships down as they stop being equal when one of the parties becomes too domineering (sun) or parental (moon).

So you’re saying that getting a car to attract women is a smart move?

While superficially a fancy car does get more attention, the real reason for the connection between Venus and vehicles is the pleasure we derive from the comfort they provide. Whether it’s a saddled horse or a private jet, the biggest benefit of any vehicle is the far easier and more enjoyable travel than going on foot. In addition, every type of private vehicle is a luxury as one can always choose to walk or use public transport to reach their destination.

Another important connection between Venus and vehicles is the fact that before the industrial revolution, those vehicles were animals such as horses, camels, elephants or oxen, all of whom received food, care and shelter for their services making the relationship mutually beneficial. And while not alive, even today’s vehicles require fueling, maintenance and storage forming a rather similar relationship to their owners.

And what does all of it have to do with eyes, lips or kidneys?

Venus represents not only beauty and sensuality, but also the fertility which creates the plenty that we later enjoy. One of the prerequisites of fertility that is well known to any farmer is the demand for eater to make the soil bear fruit. In our body, the organ responsible for cleaning and regulating the water supply is the kidneys that appropriately to the symbolism of Venus come in pairs.

The connection between Venus and the eyes is far clearer, with the eyes being the organ with which we perceive beauty in the world around us. The connection to the lips becomes apparent when considering their similarity to the female sex organ and the fact that they allow us to enjoy both the taste of food and the pleasure of a kiss. Another important connection to Venus is the fact that both of these organs come in pairs and require constant lubrication in order to function.

The connection to fertility is also the reason why Venus is associated with the ovaries and testes, which are vital for our own bodies to bare fruit. And just like the other organs associated with Venus, these too come in pairs. The connection to the female sex organ on the other hand is far more apparent due to it being the defining feature of womanhood and the universal association of Venus with women. It also serves a vital role when it comes to fertility as it is the organ through which babies are made and delivered to the world, and just like the eyes and the lips it too requires constant lubrication to fulfill its role.

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