Medical Astrology is a relatively obscure field of Vedic astrology, which can be distinguished from its western counterpart by the use of pinpoint calculations that show lot more details about a persons life. As such, It offers a unique method for diagnosing both the nature of a problem and its root cause, and distinguishes itself from other forms of therapy by its ability to treat the source of the issue instead of its symptoms. You can find out more about how this works in the following articles:

Aside from its great precision, Vedic Medical Astrology also offers unique tools for the treatment of diseases and even problems which are not considered diseases in the traditional sense of the word such as addictions, family and relationship problems, and even financial difficulties. Those tool sometimes include simple lifestyle changes, but in other cases a more focused effort is required.

Among the unique tools offered by Medical Astrology is the Hindu Gem Therapy – a therapeutic method employing specific gemstones to treat diseases and induce changes in a persons life. The Gem Therapy employs specially made jewelry, set with the select gemstones, which are constantly worn by the patient until the problem is solved, and these are capable of treating a variety of problems which cannot be solved by other means. you can find out more about Gem Therapy in the following articles: 

From my personal experience both as a therapist and as a patient, Vedic Medical Astrology has proven to be an extremely powerful tool capable of significantly improving the lives of people who have lost all hope of a cure. It isn’t however meant to be a replacement for modern medicine, and is best utilized in cases when modern medicine is unable to solve the problem by itself.
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